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Push Yourself to Experience what you are Truly Capable of!

Do you want to have a mediocre skill or be among the Elite?

1.) Auditions Required

This isn’t an “everybody plays” kind of program. This program is for the truly gifted.

2.) Placement & Assistance

If you did not meet the criteria, you will receive coaching to help you improve for next time.

3.) Classes Formed 

If you made the cut, you will be placed with a carefully selected group of your peers.

4.) Weekly Lessons

We are serious about your musical education. You will be VERY well prepared.

5.) Practice, Practice, Practice

This is where the magic happens and where you show your true dedication.

6.) Performances

Our concerts are not your average recital. And they’re filmed for you to review.


Set Yourself apart from the Crowd…

You are a Performer!

Call Today to Schedule Your Audition: (801) 523-2017

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